Foghorn Plays A Round at Petro Carnoustie

“It has been observed that absolute idiots play the steadiest golf.” 

19th Century Golf Writer, Sir Walter Simpson

Last Saturday broke gray and overcast in LA, and I headed off to my scheduled round of golf at a new course, Petro Carnoustie GC.  The weatherman said there was a mere 23.5526% chance of rain.  Petro Carnoustie was built on reclaimed oil company land in a “changing,” rather hilly district near Baldwin Hills.  The area had been a somewhat crime-ridden industrial area, and the course was located between a cemetery and a hazardous waste dump.  But the LA Times assured me that the new track was now “slicker than deer guts on a door knob, and ready for play.  I picked up my good friend, Lenny, the “Goober Mensch.” and drove over for our early tee time.  “Goober” is rather large, and for a big man, quite clumsy.  But if you’re worried about possible trouble in a tough neighborhood, the Mensch is the guy to have along. golfdirt

I let Goober tee off.  The first hole, named Texaco Dirt Nap, didn’t look totally “finished,” but the sign said it was a 410 yard par 4 with trees on the right, and um, tire tracks on the left.  Goober is partial to his slice, so he drove right.  Goob smiled and said, “I’m hitting the woods great, but I’m having a trouble getting out of them.”  With mulligans, shot forgiveness, and only occasional “hand mashie work” we both took 7s.  I was impressed with Petro Carnoustie for the catchy theme names on the holes.  It reminded me of Augusta National, except maybe for the holes, the hazards, the clubhouse and the players.Continue Reading

Bonds . . . James Bonds

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The 2013 San Francisco Metals and Minerals Conference

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