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Gold News, Well, It’s Gold and It’s in the News


By the Financial Foghorn 

Gold News, Well, It’s Gold and It’s in the News

“If I’d have known I was gonna live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” Redd Foxx

Gold and silver: still pretty much on lock down, unless something happens…


It appears I’ve returned from an unwarranted vacation. As soon as the rash clears up, I’ll let you know if I had a good time. Let’s turn to gold.

But first some sex doll news…

Apparently – and I don’t believe even I could make this up – a Chinese company Weibo, who had announced that they were going to “rent” sex dolls, has closed down this, ah, field of endeavor after less than a week. There was “controversy” over the idea of paying $50 or so a day to rent a big plastic doll men could have sex with. The company did note that the private parts were removable, and would always be “new” for each new customer…especially in the case of the “nurse” sex doll, in case you had a clean hygiene thought there that accounted for the “controversy.”

This was China, for God’s sake, where they put lead in kids’ toys, and have millions of extra men and not enough women to go around. And THEY had problems with a big plastic girl sex doll business? Oh wait, of course…elections are coming up at the National Communist Party Congress in mid-October. The DA’s office and police always had a little clamp down on sexy stuff before elections…make folks think the country was safe from preverts for a while. I’d bet on the sex doll game making a big splash before Christmas. But what do I know?

Now on to gold. This from Ben Fulford, in his September 4, 2017 letter. He who may actually know…

Let us look at all the gold related news, some of it bizarre, that has suddenly poured out in recent days and all seems to be preparing us for the announcement of a gold-backed system. This started on August 21st when Steven Mnuchin became the first US Treasury Secretary to visit the Fort Knox gold depository since 1948 and proceeded to tweet “glad gold is safe.”
Then, since his visit apparently failed to generate enough publicity, a fake scandal involving the visit to the fort, the solar eclipse and pictures of his bikini-clad trophy wife appears to have been concocted. In all of this Mnuchin failed to mention the fact the gold has not been counted since 1953 or how much gold “is safe,” but never mind, his wife makes for distracting eye candy.

[This next paragraph may require a leap of some sort of faith from readers. But Ben has been tooting this horn for several years.] Also, the Rothschilds contacted the White Dragon Society last week to inform them that a large amount of off-ledger gold was being monetized and moved into the financial system. This was backed up with a series of gold-related events from around the world. Most important one was the announcement that China is starting oil futures trading denominated in gold-backed Yuan, a clear shot at the Khazarian mafia’s petrodollar system.

Then self-described US intelligence community financial adviser Jim Rickards appeared on TV predicting the price of gold would rise to $5000 or even $10,000 an ounce.

Then Germany’s Bundesbank announced it had repatriated half of its gold three years in advance.

Furthermore, Germany announced the forced evacuation of 60,000 people from around the area of the Bundesbank last weekend just as 743 tons of gold was due to arrive there, because of “unexploded World War II bombs.”

This is interesting because when Germany first asked for its gold back from France and the US, neither country had any gold to give back. Around the same time the Americans were caught shipping gold-plated tungsten to the Chinese. Now suddenly the gold is being returned ahead of schedule as Mnuchin tweets about gold being safe.

So, where is all this gold suddenly coming from? Two reliable sources say that gold bunkers in Asia are being opened and the gold is being removed. WDS sources in Indonesia were told by Indonesian authorities that gold bunkers in Indonesia had indeed been opened and the gold was removed. Furthermore, Freeport-McMoRan announced that a deal has been reached with the Indonesian government to continue operation of the giant Grasberg mine there, with Indonesia getting 51% control.

…The important point to note though is that the Asians now have majority control. Neil Keenan for his part, has reported that gold and cash bunkers in South Korea have also been broken into. He backed this up by posting videos of gold as well as freshly minted US dollars and Korean Won being divvied up.

All these gold related announcements were combined with serious attacks on the current petrodollar system and strong indications the current US financial system is about to implode. Jacob Rothschild, for example, announced that his company, RIT Capital Partners, reduced its US dollar investment exposure to 37% from 61% in the first six months of this year. Rothschild’s reasons for getting out of US assets were “unprecedented” share prices and a belief that the artificial propping up of markets by the World Bank and Central Banks was unsustainable.”

There you have it sports fans. Gold in the news. Deep state stuff, but still newsy. And as to your view of gold…got any?