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Thanksgiving Coming, Thankfullness Coming Too?

“If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family.”  Ram Dass 
November 22: Gold $1211 up $1.40.  Silver $16.62 up 11 cents

High on the gratitude list this Thanksgiving should be the simple realization that the election “season” is over. Now we have the transition season. We have a large number of otherwise normal Americans who are…deeply and properly pissed. Democratic politicians are also deeply disturbed, and the major media are meeting in secret, assumedly, to be scolded for their campaign coverage, and maybe bitch about Trump cabinet choices.

Hey Jake, it’s just media. They’ve been fussing over the Donald…for over two decades. Here’s a view of Trump from Doonesbury back in the late 80s.


Speaking of campaigns, I miss the alleged “old days,” when after a tough, hard fought election campaign of silly promises, baby kissing, and vote stealing, the candidate would wander off onto something called a “vacation.” Successful candidates (as well as unsuccessful ones) gratefully sailed or cavorted in the weeks prior to taking up the obviously difficult tasks of governing the nation. JFK went off in a sailboat near Hyannis Port. Nixon left DC for California. Even the Bushies went to Maine after the votes were counted. I can’t imagine why the Donald is hanging around his New York tower making “announcements, and “appointments. He’s giving Mr. Media fits and hiccups. Trump should display gratitude for winning the election and run off to one of his golf courses to get out of the news cycle for a while. I think we would all send encomiums for that. There are others who should be feeling thankfulness in this season of blessings too.

Let’s see, I imagine some Mexicans should be grateful they are going to get fence building jobs. And police in Oregon should be thankful that anti-Trump protesters have run out of antagonism, or bricks.

The Clinton Foundation is grateful for the paper shredding machine patent back in 1909. And grateful also that somebody saw fit to build such a machine.


Surveying the financial world, it seems the bond market and millions of retirees are grateful that interest rates are ascending. Well, some bond mutual fund managers may quibble about rising rates, but for classic bond vigilantes, they’re being returned from the dead. And the FED has promised, and Wall Street believes that rates are gonna rise in December. Other Peaks are coming.

The above article is Bank of America’s predictions. Many banking officials are happy this year to be able to make predictions about things financial, and not be in jail. Well, banksters have stayed out of jail for decades now, so that may not be a new sense of homage for them. Hint to fixed income investors, back off on those bond mutual funds, they’re only gonna break your heart.

Zero Hedge posted the Bank of America’s little prognostications about peaks as noted above. Bankers have not been excessively accurate in the past with their predictions, so I imagine ZH is also appreciative for such frequent failings. And B of A must thank their lucky stars regularly that Americans have marvelously short memories about such things. Being wrong is standard banking practice. Banker analysis is practically a contrary market indicator. Banksters are well paid for this.

Foghorn is not without laudations hisself. He’s grateful that “Doom” is coming back into vogue. Big Media can’t seem to leave Doom alone. It just seems as if Doom is due. We’ve had quite a few years of postponing Doom. And now it seems to be rushing upon us. A chart from B of A’s peaks indicates this:


Is Doom feeling approbation about this new social nervousness? Is Doom grateful for now being heralded? I would hate to think Doom is nursing a grudge for not having been experienced. Let’s not disappoint Doom anymore. Up with Doom!. And let’s be eulogistic about the promised new era of political ineptitude, faux passes, and perhaps a few shoddy scandals while we’re at it. These are always uplifting states of National Being in the long run. We should rejoice in them.

Look back at the 1930s. Herbie Hoover got elected as a great businessman in November of 1928. Less than a year later, the economy was on its way to ruins. FF thinks perhaps the “Powers” are setting up the Donald to take the fall for everything economic that happens in the next four years. The thirties were the last time Doom got out of the box. And we got great comedy out of that era. Not to mention cheap prices for assets, and a delisting of numerous Elites in the reordering of our society. (The swells apparently needed a reservation to jump out of the nearest window.) Not all experiences are about money.

In a Doom era, farmers got to eat. Folks in the cities got to stand on corners and sell pencils. The movies got better, and they had sound in them. Some of the cars and furniture and music of the thirties era are in great demand to this day. Post-Doom is a good thing too.

There are other lists besides B of A’s looking forward to terrible things. Gloomy columnists have much to say Amen for these days too.

And finally, to cope with all this Doomy news that’s coming, millions of people will now gleefully have access to legal marijuana. This hasn’t happened since the 1930s either. In California and 7 other states, drug taking adults won’t have to lie about some vaguely mysterious or invisible medical condition in order to obtain marijuana. Approved persons just have to be able to walk into a “Dispensary” and give wads of paper cash to “dispensers” who will give them dope. Is this a great country or what?



Even better for Californians, paeans of praise are due for initiative writers, who glitched the passage of Prop 64 and made medical marijuana sales TAX FREE until January of 2018.

“Marijuana Stock Analysts” are taking some of the hard work out of analyzing MJ stocks while Americans puff away on their balcony. See: and Mr. Brochstein, who may or may not know something: One thing you can say though, MJ stocks have gone up. To be or not to be continued? For MJ news stories, Foghorn likes the Cannabist newsletter:

I’m not vouching for the accuracy of these pot sites or stocks, but they at least provide more information than any brokerage house on Wall Street. And we should be especially jubilant for that. And it seems, grass is also helping many of the Boomers enjoy their retirement more. Oldsters smoking dope. Who knew?

Happy Thanksgiving.

FF owns OrganiGram Holdings (OGRMF), and Canopy Growth (TWMJF).

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