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Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares

“When you reevaluate your investment holdings, consider selling some of the losers instead of the winners.” Inside the Investors’ Brain by Richard Peterson

           January 19th: Gold $1089.90 down $1.60. Silver $14.11 up 23 cents


         With all the turmoil in the financial world, you would THINK the price of gold would reflect this nervousness, and perhaps, I don’t know, go up a bit. Nope.

        And, there’s such an enormous amount of selling volume just as the gold market opens in the COMEX.nobody cares

        And such negative movements in London with the “daily fixes.”

        And such a constant demand to take gold out of the COMEX bullion depositories around New York.

         And such huge demand by China, Russia, and India buying up literally ALL the newly mined gold coming out of the mines. Clearly gold NOT a investment happening idea.

         Which brings me to Grant Williams, a very smart guy living in Singapore running a little money and commenting regularly at investment conferences around the world. He perhaps explains nothing, but he points out the absurdity of this.

         I heard Grant’s presentation in San Francisco last November. Grant’s presentation, also delivered in London, has moved onto the freely accessible world of YouTube. Maybe watching even part of this 28 minute animated slide show will give you a laugh, and help you deal with the mess that we call gold market.

         Hope you had a nice MLK day.