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More Pain or More Gain?

“Since 1985, there have only been three occasions when the miners have experienced a three-year decline but there has NEVER been a fourth consecutive down year.  2014 is “Year Four.”  —Analyst Michael Ballanger, Richardson GMP

Three sons come downstairs and sit at the breakfast table on a Saturday morning.  Their mother asks the oldest boy what he’d like for breakfast.
The oldest son says, I’d like some fuckin’ French toast.  Mom is outraged at this language, smacks him, and sends him upstairs.
When Mom calms down, she asks the second son what he’d like for breakfast.
And the second son says, “Well, that leaves more fuckin’ French toast for me.”
Mom is livid, smacks him too, and sends him back up to his room.  Cut to Mom having an adult beverage.LadiesLatte
Finally, she looks at her youngest son and asks him what he’d like for breakfast.
“I don’t know,” he says meekly, “But I definitely don’t want the fuckin’ French toast.”


And as Monty Python used to say; now for something completely different.

(Midas) US Gold Exports – 80T in Jan.2014,  by Steve St. Angelo, 4/25/2014

“The U.S. exported 80 tons of gold in January.  As you might guess, the bulk of it (57 tons) was sent to Hong Kong and the next largest amount to the Swiss.  Germany “requested” last year that 300 of their 1,500 tons be sent back from the N.Y. Fed… and they received 5 tons, but as Jeffrey Christian assures us…Germany isn’t worried and “they don’t really want their gold back.”

The U.S. exported a total of 488 tons last year, so 80 tons in January would represent more than 16% of last years total.  If this were to become the new “run rate” for the next 12 months, we would end up exporting nearly 1,000 tons!

The mines collectively in the U.S. only produce 240 tons of gold per year.  How can we export more gold than we actually produce?  Where’s it coming from?  And the really important question is “why”?  Why are we exporting more than we produce?  What are we getting in return?  Are we getting “dollars”?  This would be really dumb as we can (and have) printed bazillions of these and done it for free…why would we need more of them?  Are we getting oil in return?  If this were the case, then “shooting oneself in the other foot” would come to mind as “oil for gold” is taboo and several “rulers” have even lost their lives for even suggesting this trade.  Cough, cough, Saddam, Kaddafi, cough.

I’ll give you my belief flat out.  We are sending lots of tonnes of gold mainly to China because if we don’t…they will pull the plug on our financial system.  Once the flow of gold to China stops…they will view it as a default.  China will not pull the plug as long as we continue to send gold because they want as much as they can get…but more importantly they want to know that “we are out”…completely.

Do you remember “Soviet” gold that was hitting the world markets back in 1989 and 1990.  The bars that were surfacing then had the “Czar’s stamp” on them which meant they were fabricated before 1917.  This was an absolute tell that the Soviet Union was at the very bottom of their gold barrel.  They were forced to sell the last of their gold, gold which had been fabricated at least 70 years prior.

James Turk of wrote last Tuesday that U.S. gold with fabrication dates going back to the 1960’s has recently been turning up on global markets.  Why?  Connect your own dots if you’d like, but this says to me that we are digging pretty deep into the pile to make delivery.  I will remind you that the Soviet Union broke apart roughly 6 months after the “Czar bars” started to turn up.

And GOFO rates are in their fifth month of backwardation which theoretically cannot happen.  Buyers want physical gold…NOW.”

Gold is ripe for a rally.  Here’s a little Biderman music, grumbling about stock market rigging in 2012, three years after Joe Saluzzi was grumbling about it, and no doubt three years after the NYSE and every other market maker started doing it.

Lewis, Biderman, Saluzzi, and others who are muttering about stock market rigging still don’t want to talk about the gold market rigging, the critically important market of them all.  The one market that rules them all.

And if the web Gods smile upon us, here’s McG doing another Freedomslips radio show:

All market rigs end.  It’s not like fuckin’ french toast.